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Artist in Spotlight: "Montana Montana Montana"

Everyone knows of the best rappers in the game and they listen to them religiously. While this is no cause for concern, it still doesn’t allow the spotlight to be shed on lesser known or better yet, newer artists that are either new to the scene or have fewer years in their age as the better-known rappers. Whether you’re a fan of mainstream rappers, among the likes of Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake or even Wiz Khalifa, there’s absolutely no harm in listening to newer rappers who are making a break into the music scene as of recently. However, this blog is here to shed some light onto one such rapper.

Montana Montana Montana

Born and raised by the sun of California, rapper Montana Montana Montana is a newfound millennial rapper who already own a record label called 925Five Records, of which his childhood crew from Nogal Street inspired the name. Montana Montana Montana is actually the stage name of the 25-year-old Lovie Johnson who was born in the southwest of Bakersfield, California on 6th July of 1993. Johnson went to West High School in Bakersfield and grew up in Nogal and Piñon Springs Apartment that are also known as 925. At the start of his career, Lovie initially went by the name Pezzy Montana but later changed it to Montana Montana Montana due to the similarity to the initial name with an already established artist called French Montana.


Furthermore, Lovie Johnson has released a total of 6 albums between the years 2014 to 2018. The names of his albums are:

  • 2014 Really Not a Rapper
  • 2015 Lovie Johnson
  • 2016 Savage Tycoon
  • 2016 Maclafornia
  • 2016 Not Really a Rapper 500
  • 2018 Really Not a Rapper 2

Montana Montana Montana’s singles include:

  • 2014 Race Horse ft. J-Diggs
  • 2014 West Coast Bad Boys ft. San Quinn and J. Stalin
  • 2014 World Wide Mob ft. Messy Marv, Joe Blow Ap. 9 and Fed X
  • 2014 Ratchet Party
  • 2014 Montana Mamies ft. Philthy Rich
  • 2015 Just Like Me ft. Stevie Joe
  • 2015 Gimme the Loot ft. Joe Blow
  • 2015 Breaker ft. J-Diggs
  • 2015 Aye Yo!
  • 2015 Really Not a Rapper

As is evident, Montana Montana Montana has collaborated with several different rappers and artists and has quite the list of singles and albums which shows that the millennial is dedicated to his passion and is also one of the few of this kind who don’t stop until they see the spotlight is on them. Montana Montana Montana is definitely seeing a promising career which is bound to be the highlight of his career as well since the young lad has quite some work to his name.


Moreover, it is absolutely crucial to give credit where it’s due by shedding light on the lesser known artists even if the more established ones are throwing hits every passing second. With such dedicated individuals, there’s no doubt that the music industry is bound to emerge in the near future.

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