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General Public—Dawn of the Dream!

The voice of an underground artist often remains unheard. Painters who paint those depths and details, those sceneries that touch your soul, and those expressions that make you wonder, all of that goes unnoticed, and that is the story of most painting artists. Portia De Rossi decide to put an end to this cruelty by launching ‘General Public.’

A Ray of Bright Light

General Public was formed in 2017 containing a ray of hope for underground artists. Its primary model is to take the work of these painters and to construct a Synograph (a 3D copy) of those pieces. These replicas are introduced to the general public who can purchase them and admire them for the years to come.


Synograph is a trademarked term, coined by the founder of the company, Portia. It is a 3D replica of the original painting which ensures that the copy has all the miniature details and effects that the artists have instilled in that painting. This is not something that can be achieved with regular copies. Synograph is a breakthrough in technology owned by General Public.

GP’s Vision

Portia’s venture is being considered a revolution in the world of artists. With such a contemporary technology at hand, she aims to bring the elite art of the underground artists to the general public. In an ideal situation, only a single buyer gets to take the painting home and admire it for years while those others who wanted to do the same lack this opportunity. General Public, thanks to Synographs, allows all the admirers of a painting to get their hands on a copy, thereby giving more exposure to the people who otherwise often fail to showcase the true potential they have.


In addition to the great exposure General Public also opens a financial door to these artists. With the time and effort put into making one painting, it is almost unfair to have no proper earnings off of it. This is why General Public ensures that the owner of the painting gets a royalty for every time a sale is made.

Laying the foundation

Portia De Rossi had always been fond of art. Being an avid collector, she had multiple pieces from renowned artists like Mark Grotjahn, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Gradually, it dawned on her how other lovers and followers of art will never be able to appreciate the particular pieces she had unless they specifically visited her place. This though was a revelation that led Portia to a quest of finding the best way to imitate a painting. She wanted them to be an exact copy of the original. With almost a year and a half of struggle, she finally welcomes Synograph—a 3D copy of the painting—and immediately had the term patented. This venture by Portia has gained a lot of praise from various artists among and beyond her community


Today, a year after General Public opened its doors, thousands of artists from across the globe send in their art to have Synographs made. To learn more about Synograph technology, and General Public, visit their official website

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