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How to Become a Better Actor

For some people, acting comes naturally. Others have to work really hard to get better at it. It’s certainly not easy, and requires a considerable amount of training and skill. The actors that you see on TV are paid such high amounts for a reason; they train very hard. One of the rising stars in the industry is Can Muhammed Karagoz, an actor, dancer, and model who has established quite a following. He has been seen at various events, and his Turkish-American looks have made him a heartthrob of the community. If you want to become a good actor and a successful person like him, you need to follow the tips below.

Reply (or react)

If we do not listen, we cannot answer, which is quite logical. But to answer is not just to say the reply. First, you listen to what your partner says, you focus on their concepts (ideas, images, intentions, sub-text), and then you will answer according to what you have understood.


It is also for this reason that we hear actors say that the theatre is different every night.

Again, that’s what we do in life. We listen, and depending on how we are going to talk to each other or the information we are going to receive, we respond accordingly.


Much of what is said is not in words, but in the way they are said. The same words can take a totally different meaning depending on the subtext behind the actual thought. And following the message that you will receive, your way of responding will also be different.

So if you want to have a more “credible” acting performance, listening and responding are things that you absolutely must work on.


And these two keys echo the third.

Be in the present

In order to truly listen and respond appropriately, you must be present. That is to say that you do all your work beforehand (scene analysis, construction of the character,) and when you play the role, there is only the present that counts. You are there, focused, in your role, you listen and respond.


What happens is that when you are facing an audience (theatre audience or team on a movie), you can be stressed. And stress is not good for concentration. Professionals like Karagoz take a long time to understand the script and go through it in detail before they are ready to perform.

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