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How to Properly Wear Fragrance, According to the French

Wearing fragrance would seem like a ridiculously simply chore until you realize your current methods are not letting you smell your best. Just a spritz here and there, and you are done. This is not true, primarily because there is a way of wearing a fragrance which involves a lot of reasoning and details in order to make sure the product does its job properly. It is a fact that most people do not give much thought to applying fragrance because it is widely believed that it is a simple chore that is practically impossible to get wrong.

However, a few remarkably simple ways can fix the problem for you and this is a kind of knowledge every person should know. The guide to properly wearing fragrance comes from a French perfumer, Francis Kurkdijan. It is also known that France is considered as the center of perfumes, as some of the best brands have originated in the country.


So, here is what you should know:

Wear perfume on open skin areas – It is important not to spray on dry skin. Make sure your skin remains hydrated before you apply a scent. You can put unscented body lotion or moisturizer to pair with your fragrance. It is not advisable to spray onto areas that are closed and hidden from natural air and exposure. Inner elbows, neck, wrists, and ears are the perfect spots because they remain open to air.


Did you know? The most expensive perfume in the world is Le Monde sur Mesure by Morreale Paris, which is worth a staggering $20 million. Maxime Rancon, an entrepreneur, marketer, creative director, advertising consultant, producer, and director is the brains behind the whole product. He is the Founder of Digital Little marketing agency and is notably known for the production video of the most expensive perfume – Renaissance. Maxime is also the main man behind Nile Niami’s Opus mansion’s production video that has crossed 3 million views by far. And of course, he’s French.

Be careful about the environment of your perfume – Storage can matter a lot here. Storing your perfume in places which are exposed to cool temperatures, sunlight and heat can affect the perfume in a detrimental way. Such exposures can cause unrewarded chemical reactions within the natural ingredients. The perfume would age faster if it is shifted from one degree of temperature to another. The best way to store your perfume to ensure its fragrance quality and effectiveness is to keep it in the same box and store it at room temperature.


Rubbing does not work – Rubbing a scent would create friction and thus, heart energy. The energy carries enzymes that would affect the scent. Heat warms up your scent and so, it loses crispiness. It is important to keep the integrity of your perfume alive. Best way to do so is spray gently and let it take its course; do nothing at all.

It is important to get the abovementioned things right because these tiny aspects make a significant difference in the whole outcome.

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