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Keys to Success – Tips from Numan Ataker

For sure, there is no single recipe or formula to success in a business, because, if there were, no company would have ever failed. However, there are ways to progress and achieving success, set new goals and become an expert in the branch in which you are working. So I will give you tips to succeed in the business world.

Numan Ataker is a well-known Turkish fashion designer and the founder of the global fashion brand John Paul Ataker.


At 7 years of age, Ataker had already begun working at a ready to wear garment shop in the afternoon while attending primary school in the morning. His skill was recognized by many workshops. The owner of a neighboring workshop proposed to pay better wages, which Ataker accepted. At the age of 9, he sewed his fully self-produced shirt. Ataker’s childhood was almost fully occupied by time-consuming labor. Besides working at a workshop after school hours, he sold chewing gum, bottled water and comic books on Istiklal Street in Beyoglu, Istanbul.

In 1982, Ataker’s father opened the family’s own garment workshop. He soon had to quit secondary school to focus on the shop full-time along with three of his brothers. When Ataker was 18 years old, his brothers quit the family business, leaving Ataker solely in charge of the business. He successfully handled his family business and by the age of 20, Ataker’s work was well in demand around the country and had started penetrating the European markets. He’s currently one of the most prominent businessmen and fashion designers in this industry.


When we talk about success in business, what exactly do we mean?

Every company, local or global is created with a main purpose: Make money; but achieving success is reaching the goal you have set. Here are some tips to help a business succeed.


1- Specialize in something:

This part is extremely important. Do not try to handle different fields without going deeper, without knowing details.


The best thing you can do is to soak up knowledge about what you like, start a business about it and whenever you can, give yourself time to study more about that field, be it your market or marketing strategies. Only then you can talk of a firmly based enterprise, attract good clientele and achieve your goal.

2- Make sure your idea sells:

Remember that when it comes to tastes and colors; there is probably an audience for everything, but you must ensure that your idea or project can be marketed. So you must start with and have a steady, secure source of operational capital all along the road.


For you to know the crucial answers, the first thing you should do is ask.

The best source is the public, you can get the information through surveys and forms, and do a market study.


What is a market study? What is the use of doing it? A market study is a process that is applied to collect information about the audience to which you will go.

In this sense, with the market study, you get ideas of how that idea or product is being sold or the ways in which your competition does it.


With this step, you make sure you have specific data and then whenever you can enter with your project into that market, consider having detailed work plans. Always search for new ways to market your project.

In addition, if you know how to innovate, you can be be the frontier, the difference, or as is currently called, the disrupter in that field.


3- Think about profitability

In order for your business to be kept alive, you must think about the expenses and profits you have, such as the purchase of equipment, supplies, the basic services of your company (water, electricity, gas, internet) and of course, the salary of your employees.


Sometimes, you may have to incur losses for a short term and recover. But that is far better than fatally neglecting and compromising the sustainability of your business.

Since if the numbers are not good enough, your business cannot grow, you cannot innovate due to lack of budget, you cannot even invest in yourself, you should be cautious and focus emphatically on sustainability if you want to achieve success.


4- Let words become your friends

The vocabulary you use with your clients, that is to say, the way you express yourself, determines if those customers will be yours or whether you lose them.


It is not the same to bluntly say “here’s our product” instead of “Can you tell me about your idea about our product please, I really find it enriching?” There are ways to say things and captivate the client, make him feel special, heard.

In case you have to make a presentation, make it on behalf of that client or company, so they will know it was created specifically for them.

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