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Michael Blakey—A Musical Prodigy

They say music speaks to your soul. While the expression might seem vague to a lot of people, for those like Michael Blakey, it is a truth they live their life with. Michael Blakey was born on December 8th, 1958 in London. It was quite early in his childhood that Michael knew what he wanted to do when he grew up. He wanted to become a musician.

As Michael grew older, his passions grew, and being a musician was just a meagerly part of what this man ought to achieve.


Rising To Fame

Michael became everything he wanted to become since he was young. He is a renowned musician, a Youtuber, a record promoter, a producer and what not. His career in music kicked off back in Berlin where he studied business and music. It didn’t take long for his talent to reach the limelight. Michael was only 19 when he started working as the Hansa Ton studios. This was the time that bloomed his career working with some of the biggest artists of the time. Michael got a chance to work with Coolio, Julio Iglesias, Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson, 2Pac, and so many other great artists of the generation.


He soon became known for his outstanding compositions and his skillset behind the drums. Owing to his brilliance in the area, he started composing tunes and also became a promoter as well.

The Move to the US

After gaining a great bit of experience in Berlin, Michael decided to move to the US and try his luck there. He was already living his dream and following his passions. The thing about Blakey was that you could not label him with a single genre, instead, he made his name pop in all genres. For starters, he produced the soundtracks for Disney’s “Cinderella II: Dreams Come True”.


When it came to music, Michael Blakey had the ability to do wonders! He went on to revolutionize the entire music industry. Furthermore, he also took part in science, assisting the scientists in developing a ‘Forensic Frequency Separation Software’ which enables sound engineers to extract vocals to be used in a contemporary manner. The best example of the use of this groundbreaking tech is Patsy Cline’s album, “Duets” which Blakey produced.

Broadening the Career

Michael was still hungry for more success and wanted to do more. He went on to launch several production houses including the popular name, “Platinum Records”. Another one of his most popular record labels include the “2K Sounds” which was internet-based scouting and promoting company for music. This company later partnered with ‘Virgin Records’.


The YouTube Celebrity

This luminary is known for living a lavish life with all the fame and money that he possesses. Michael Blakey also has a YouTube Channel “Producemichael” where he interacts with his fans and showcases the elite life he lives to provide inspiration and motivation. There aren’t many people in music, or any other industry for that matter, who could even come close to the summits Michael has achieved. As a cherry on top of his career, he has won numerous awards across all scopes of the entertainment industry and most recently his management company just won “2018 Management Company of the Year” for California! Want to learn about this luminary? Go visit his website, Michael is currently the President of Electra Star Group, OMG VIP, apart from being a musician, an entrepreneur, a YouTuber and more!



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