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Rachanaa Jain Will Show You What Destiny Has In Store

When we think of tarot card readings, the first thing that comes to mind is a fleeting image of an old lady in magenta flowing robes, with cornrows and a possible silvery headdress bowing over some creepy, dusty tarot cards which are kept in a single file on a creaky old circular shaped table. Many of us think of tarot card readings as an amusing hoax, or something just to waste our time with, but that’s not all there is to it.

A tarot card reading is commonly used as a way of seeking guidance or predicting a specific aspect of the future. Experienced tarot card readers refer to it as looking at a picture of your life taken at the moment of the reading. This is done using a combination of instinct and what is written in the cards. It can lead to extremely accurate results if performed correctly. Tarot card readings are a bit of a miracle, as they answer questions about life nothing else can. Just a simple tarot card reading can give you quite a deep insight into your life.


A very common type of tarot card readings is angel card reading. Angel card readers believe angels are sent from the heavens to guide humans in their day-to-day life. They can do no harm, and only seek to do well. With their help, humans can achieve success in several distinct areas of life. This is the idea that angel card readers apply in their readings. What’s exclusive about angel card readings is that there is no negative energy emanating from the messages the readers receive. These readings are only used as a guide on what can be done in the situation one is currently facing in life. These are peaceful readings and predict no harm.

One of the most well-renowned tarot card readers in the world is Rachanaa Jain. Rachanaa Jain learned to use her skills at reiki (an alternative healing method that involves accessing energy) and other spiritual arts to earn money steadily. She taught Reiki to support her household at a time of severe crisis, and it worked surprisingly well for her! She earned an MBA in financial management from London, came runner-up in a beauty pageant in China, and became the best-selling author of a book entitled, ‘Awaken Your Dreams, Stop Procrastinating! Start Achieving’. This book was targeted at a younger audience, people who were lost in life with no goals or motivation. Rachanaa Jain’s book inspired thousands of young people to pursue their dreams.


She went ahead to become a world-leading entrepreneur who has been working in multiple industries for several years – from music to public speaking and from business to card readings. There’s nothing this superwoman held back on.

Rachanaa specializes in angel card tarot readings to bring about as much guidance as she possibly can in the people that come to her. She believes in creating excellence and spreading positivity in the world through this skill.

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