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Tips for Lacrosse Goalie

If you want to become a goalie in the game of lacrosse, there are many things that you need to know. In the following paragraphs are a few simple tips that will make you improve your skills.

Goalie’s Advice # 1: Protect yourself

As a young or beginner goalie, there is nothing worse than receiving a painful direct shot in the exposed areas of the body. It hurts and inhibits young goalie’s motivation to continue improving their game. Therefore, I recommend that all goalies are dressed in the appropriate gear before going to the field. Protecting yourself with the right equipment will help you feel safe and help eliminate the fear of being hit with the ball.


Council of Goalie # 2: Get in shape

Playing the in the goal in the sport of lacrosse requires that you be an athlete. As you get fitter, your ability to control your body will increase and the better shape you are the more acrobatic you can be to save the ball. Although goalies do not have much to run compared to other positions, playing goalkeeper is also tiring. When our bodies get tired, our mind also gets tired and we lose mental focus. Therefore, you are in great shape will help you to be mentally alert and focused throughout the lacrosse game. Choose an exercise program and follow it.


Goalie’s Tip # 3: Buy Quality Equipment

If you want to become really good at this game, you should buy quality equipment. Companies such as Lacrosse Unlimited Inc. offer high-quality sportswear that is primarily aimed at lacrosse goalies. The company has stores in over 12 states, so you should find one nearby!


Before going to the cage to face real shots you need to understand the basics of tackling. In this way, you will understand what to work with when you start.

Goalie’s Tip # 4: Take Shots

There is no substitute for receiving shots. You can read and study all day on how to become the best lacrosse goalie in the world. But if you never step on the field and put into practice what you have learned, it is all for nothing. Sports with all the same in this aspect. While it definitely helps to read and study theory and technique, you will never be the best without putting that technical theory into practice in real life.


Michael Phelps did not become a champion swimmer by simply reading books. Brian “Doc” Dougherty did not become an All-American lacrosse goalie just watching YouTube videos. You need to practice what you learn to perfect your ability. Making a stop in lacrosse is about training our muscles to react instinctively in the same way with each shot. There is no other method to build this muscle memory besides getting in the bow and receiving shots. If you have the money and a considerable amount of space at home, buy a lacrosse arch for your patio so you can receive shots all year round. Here is a complete review of different styles of lacrosse bows.

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