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Upcoming Hip-Hop Artists

Hip-hop is a genre of music that is probably the most famous one at current, with over billions of listeners each month. Most people who enjoy hip-hop music are either teenagers or young adults, but the age brackets are not restricted to these age groups alone. Music is something that people of all age groups can enjoy extensively. It gives one the ability to express themselves openly and freely, in ways that words often times fail to help us. Music is also the language of the soul.

As a matter of fact, music that is played in soap operas has no lyrics whatsoever. It is just the music; the beats and the way it makes you feel that connects every person in the audience. Music is truly beautiful although many people might fail to see the beauty of it at times. But that is highly unlikely to happen, especially since music is always the one thing that can uplift your mood in seconds.


Furthermore, hip-hop is the most happening genre of this day and age and it is definitely one of the most loved one by the youth. Young adults and teenagers are constantly listening to hip-hop music due to the trippy tunes and rap that many artists are starting to ensure, is catchy and on the tongue of every other youngster that goes walking down the street.

However, the competition within the industry is fiercer than ever and it can get rather difficult to keep up with the stats, especially if you’re not the kind to really pay attention to the newbies. Nonetheless, the artists that are now iconic were once newbies that no one believed in. So, who knows which one of these upcoming hip-hop artists is the next big thing? Read on to find out more.



Although this hip-hop duo has been in existence since the year 2006, it wasn’t until 2013 that they released their first single called ‘Polo, Polo, Polo’. The duo consists of two members, named Eric Victory Johnson and Shannon Speed, AKA Mr. Arrogant. The two met when they were in middle school and it wasn’t long before they became best buds and took to their favorite pastime activity, which was freestyling. The two would always battle for fun and it would be a great experience for them. Since then, however, Kataztrofee has come a long way and has collaborated and toured with several other hip-hop artists, including Juicy J, Big Sean, French Montana, and many more.


Cuban Doll

This Dallas Native, Cuban Doll, AKA Cuban Da Savage is currently making headlines for being the hottest female rapper to come from Dallas. She has her debut project in full rotation and has tons of other things in mind. While she may be garnering the attention of other hip-hop artists, the 19-year-old does have a long way to go considering she just stepped into the scene. Regardless of anything, her social media following is constantly growing!


Furthermore, the artists mentioned above are definitely great ones from the list and you should keep an eye out for them if you’re a true hip-hop fan.

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